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I am passionate about Social Media Marketing and have completed courses on LinkedIn Selling as well as Facebook Selling systems. I keep continually up-to-date through the top Digital Marketers out there! I have set up Facebook Pages, Groups, lists etc. On LinkedIn, I have set up groups and created posts to cross market to other Social Media sites. Other Skills: Update Website(s); Internet research (I've been an Internet user since its inception!) Writing, proofreading with spelling and grammar corrections. I have both tele-sales and field sales experience. I am also an Ex-PA to the CEO of a multi-national company in the UK.

Welcome to My New Site!

Here At Last!

It has taken long enough. The personal timing just needed to be right but we’re here now.

I’ll be making mostly Vlog posts instead of simply writing blog posts as I think many people prefer to watch video these days, rather than reading…

….. And, what will those vlogs contain, you ask 😉

Good question!

Answer:  no general ‘fluff’, wasting either your or my time, that’s for sure! The site is split into categories of Juicing & Raw Food, Meditation, Mind Training, Other Streams of Income, Spiritual, and Financial Trading.  All kinds of ways that I make an income and stay in the right mind-set and ethical authenticity by BE-ing the kind of person I’d like to meet!  🙂

I hope you find something here to interest you and to help you on your journey……


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