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Selling Sucks So I’ll Stay POOR! Worlds Best Re-frame of Selling

I hate Selling, Do You too? It pretty much doesn’t matter what you do for a living, promoting a company, a product, yourself?  It’s still all about ‘selling’ and most of us just hate the idea, right? I just saw this inspiring video today and it’s only just over 4 minutes long.  Do yourself a […]

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#SpiritualTrader gives Testimonial for #LeadingTrader’s LTUltra and LTPulse Indicators

Testimonial: Alessio Rastani’s Trading Indicators Highly Recommended! I’ve been using Alessio Rastani’s LT Ultra and LT Pulse for a number of weeks now and feel comfortable about the system and the most comfortable way for me to trade with them.  Here’s my video report: If you’d like to find out more about these indicators or […]

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How Would You Like To Influence Your Future? (Part Two)

Let us study a typical trader’s foray into Future’s, Stocks or Forex Trading Over the coming posts in this category, I’ll be giving the following information: (the previous part of this post is here) Why Fear is the Most Potent Creative Force of the Universe and How to Overcome It The Perfect Secret Weapon Defining […]

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