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I am passionate about Social Media Marketing and have completed courses on LinkedIn Selling as well as Facebook Selling systems. I keep continually up-to-date through the top Digital Marketers out there! I have set up Facebook Pages, Groups, lists etc. On LinkedIn, I have set up groups and created posts to cross market to other Social Media sites. Other Skills: Update Website(s); Internet research (I've been an Internet user since its inception!) Writing, proofreading with spelling and grammar corrections. I have both tele-sales and field sales experience. I am also an Ex-PA to the CEO of a multi-national company in the UK.

How Would You Like To Influence Your Future? (Part Two)

Let us study a typical trader’s foray into Future’s, Stocks or Forex Trading

Over the coming posts in this category, I’ll be giving the following information:

(the previous part of this post is here)

  • Why Fear is the Most Potent Creative Force of the Universe and How to Overcome It

  • The Perfect Secret Weapon Defining The New Power Thinker in This Millennium

  • How to get out of the mental barriers that we create for ourselves

Indeed, I will also be giving credit for the information I am giving on these particular set of posts from this site as there is so much information there that what I will give here in chunks would not be easy to find there. So…..

 Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks Let us study a typical trader’s foray into Future’s or Stocks trading.  Mr./Mrs. Knows-it -little has taken courses, read books and eventually understood that in order to be a consistent and effective trader he/she must muster the help of a cold non-emotional machine such as a computer that will put its tremendous data processing power at his/her service so that the computer makes the buy/sell decisions for him/her. Good-bye emotional destructive influences! His/her seasoned advisor, Mr./Mrs. Knows-it-all, recommends to Mr./Mrs. Knows it-little the most consistently effective trading systems. Welcome to the Eldorado!

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks Mr./Mrs.  Knows-it-little has well done his/her homework as far as choosing the “best” technical trading system available for sale out there. He/she has tracked the best technical traders and their systems as reported under stringent scrutiny by independent agencies (that often trade on-line imaginary accounts ) . Gone to many seminars listening to the “Master gurus of trading. ” Mr./Mrs.  Knows-it-little double checks the data. Has it confirmed. And voila! He/she is ready to enter the foray and leave hopefully a mark of his great talent at making money grow on this beautiful tree of free enterprise. A future trading legend, perhaps?

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks Mr./Mrs.  Know-it -little, upon the advice of many of his/her advisors and trading books, starts testing his/her super-duper trading system that often uses the most advanced mathematical pattern recognition algorithm or artificial intelligence techniques by first trading the system on-line but not with real money. He/she paper trades it and checks its validity for a couple of weeks or months. Miracle! The system delivers as predicted: over 70% accuracy – a high reward/risk ratio and perfect entry/exit points etc…. What a shame that he/she has not yet traded it with real money! What lost opportunities!

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks So, full of expectations, our trader decides to do the big jump and start trading. He/she calls a broker, and starts real-trading on-line. He/she is very cognizant of the fact that he/she has to be disciplined. He/she always listens to the trading signals generated by the system. He/she never overrides the system even if a trade does nor feel right. He/she never panics in the face or repeated losses, and trusts in the superiority of a cold mechanized approach.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks At first, bingo! The system performs as expected, given a little slippage here and there, and profits accumulate. Wonderful thoughts creep in: “At that rate of exponential money growth, retirement is close! Why not trade from a yacht using satellite connections ? “ “Some losses do occur, but they are part of the nature of the beast. Something to be expected 30% of the time.” So far, so good. Everything goes as planned. “What a shame I did not start trading  from an earlier age!”

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks And then comes the unexpected. A string of repeated losses. Odd isn’t it?! Mr./Mrs. Knows-it-somehow (promoted!) is puzzled, uncomfortable and slightly anxious with the amount lost. “A fluke, that’s what it is!” “The system is destabilized because of this and that, and will soon get back to its old good predictive self.” “Nothing to really worry about.” “We are tough and disciplined out here!”

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks His/her broker calls him and advises him/her to lighten up on a position. “Let us wait-and-see” is the advice.  Mr./Mrs. Knows-his-account checks the financial damage and decides that for this time alone he/she will disobey the system and will pull out of the trade in order to avoid incurring heavier losses. “We’ll return full-fledge for the next trade” is his/her motto.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks The next couple of trade signals arrive. Mr./Mrs. Knows-that-he-can-lose is ready to trade, but supreme injustice from heavens: he/she goes again into a repeated losing situation. First come some gains, then losses, losses, and as fear mounts, more losses, bigger losses! Anxiety and frustrations mount, losses accumulate. Greater fear ensues. The account is shrinking now rapidly. The system seems to have done something that it NEVER DID in the last 20 years of back testing. WHY NOW? WHY ME? And the great cycle of fear starts its implacable dance of forging reality.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks Mr./Mrs.  Knows-it-all (promoted again!) is now blaming slippage and bad execution of his trades. He/she resents his/her broker. And when this alone does not explain all of it, he/she turns his wrath against the system’s designer. He/she blames the veracity and quality of the back-testing. He/she threatens retribution. He/she might then even decide to try his/her hand at designing his/her own system based on “ own ideas” that he/she thinks might revolutionize the technical analysis field. Or he/she takes the easy way out and looks for another well-touted miracle trading system, often traded by a C.T.A ., pool operator, or fund manager. That is if Mr. knows-that-it-is-the-system’s-fault has enough resources left to continue trading!

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks And you know what? The same scenario is repeated again and again. But this time, often in an accelerated fashion. Downhill goes the account!

(to be continued…..)

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