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I am passionate about Social Media Marketing and have completed courses on LinkedIn Selling as well as Facebook Selling systems. I keep continually up-to-date through the top Digital Marketers out there! I have set up Facebook Pages, Groups, lists etc. On LinkedIn, I have set up groups and created posts to cross market to other Social Media sites. Other Skills: Update Website(s); Internet research (I've been an Internet user since its inception!) Writing, proofreading with spelling and grammar corrections. I have both tele-sales and field sales experience. I am also an Ex-PA to the CEO of a multi-national company in the UK.

How Would You Like to Influence Your Future? (Part Three)

Let us study a typical trader’s foray into Future’s, Stocks or Forex Trading

Over the coming posts in this category, I’ll be giving the following information:

(the previous part of this post is here)

  • Why Fear is the Most Potent Creative Force of the Universe and How to Overcome It

  • The Perfect Secret Weapon Defining The New Power Thinker in This Millennium

  • How to get out of the mental barriers that we create for ourselves

Indeed, I will also be giving credit for the information I am giving on these particular set of posts from this site as there is so much information there that what I will give here in chunks would not be easy to find there. So….. continuing…

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks Are you afraid  to “pull the trigger” on trades? Have you suddenly had a rapid religious conversion and engaged in a mental dialog and a quite sudden close relationship with “God” as your are asking for His help and promise the Divinity “whatever” if He were nice enough to make you this ‘little favor” of  turning  the general market in your favor, as a trade turns ferociously against you?  You usually initially enter a trade because of pure greed and the “fear of missing a golden opportunity,” and then shift into a  stubborn mode in refusing to exit it, as Mr./Mrs.  Ego is refusing to accept being wrong and “knows” (hopes) that the market will come back his/her way!

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks Are you suffering from “crying-over-spilled-milk syndrome” when you feel that had you listen and taken this or that trade and not done what you actually did you would be swimming in a sea of liquid gold? Are you feeling that you must constantly watch the markets, and seize every single opportunity, while you are slowly deteriorating into a nervous physical wreck!  Are you mumbling to yourself and others:” If I only had done this, listen to that etc. . !”  Are you ingesting mind distorting feel-good pills? Are you perhaps flooding your brain circuitry with alcohol to become less emotional about the markets and reality?

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks   Some psychological “professional guru” comes and  tells you that your problem is a “fear of success.” In other words, you are desperately trying subconsciously to “hurt” yourself.  You “hate” yourself because of past programming (usually from childhood comments made to you by parents, siblings, friends, and educators); you are a masochist-trying-to-shoot-yourself- in-the-foot.  Solution: Regression cognitive therapy, behavior modification, and other gimmicks. You must find some Zen-like elusive “zone.”   So, you play victim for a while, revisit the bad memories, and paradoxically end up energizing them even more as you bring them up to the forefront of your conscious awareness. Now you finally know why you behave in the way you do. Maybe even a past-life event is at the crux of all this negative feeling? You are told to  repeat and write ad-nauseatum suggestions to the effect that you are the best thing ever created under the sun, and that you “love yourself to death.”  You pay the “specialist” his/her hefty fee. And you go back in the trading arena with the “bulls” and “bears.” Ole!

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks And oh, surprise again: One more streak of bad luck!  And the old demons of fear/anxiety come haunting you again.   Because in reality, nobody is afraid of happiness, success, love, recognition. We all strive on it. Nevertheless, many of you have so often had the rug pulled from under you just at the moment when you are about to taste success that you fear a repeat situation. And all the negative comments received by others enhances your fear/anxiety of failure. That fear is magnified, and compounded. You feel the world is watching you and really gauges your abilities with minute scrutiny. You do not want to hear  derogatory comments again, they impact on you fragile self-esteem.  

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks And then the grand finale: The burnout syndrome. You quit, full of deep emotional scars – hopefully, if you are lucky, with some funds left and a quasi-intact family. And you have become one of the many casualties of the fear (losses) -desire (greed) mismanaged viscous circle, due to a lack of understanding of HOW POWERFUL YOUR THOUGHTS REALLY ARE AND HOW TO MANAGE THEM in order to create positive realities…

(to be continued…..)

Foresee your probable future and powerfully influence your destiny, using the ultimate mind frontier: deep mind levels Theta and Delta:


The only products I link to on my blog here are ones which I am highly recommending; have bought myself and am currently using. Gauge my progress as time goes on to see how I progress. Perhaps then, you’ll believe….

Believe Dragon

My best intentions

…. Always,

Lesley  🙂

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