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I am passionate about Social Media Marketing and have completed courses on LinkedIn Selling as well as Facebook Selling systems. I keep continually up-to-date through the top Digital Marketers out there! I have set up Facebook Pages, Groups, lists etc. On LinkedIn, I have set up groups and created posts to cross market to other Social Media sites. Other Skills: Update Website(s); Internet research (I've been an Internet user since its inception!) Writing, proofreading with spelling and grammar corrections. I have both tele-sales and field sales experience. I am also an Ex-PA to the CEO of a multi-national company in the UK.

How Would You Like to Influence Your Future? (Part Four)

Let us study a typical trader’s foray into Future’s, Stocks or Forex Trading

Over the coming posts in this category, I’ll be giving the following information:

(the previous part of this post is here)

  • Why Fear is the Most Potent Creative Force of the Universe and How to Overcome It

  • The Perfect Secret Weapon Defining The New Power Thinker in This Millennium

  • How to get out of the mental barriers that we create for ourselves

Indeed, I will also be giving credit for the information I am giving on these particular set of posts from this site as there is so much information there that what I will give here in chunks would not be easy to find there. So….. continuing…

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks And in fact  it wasn’t really your fault. You really fell for the accepted lie of the last decades that states that all you have to do to trade successfully  is either rely on someone’s else opinion or buy and use some wonderful infallible mechanical technical trading system either using the latest in computer intelligence and/or some mystical secret of the universe (discovered natural pattern of the markets put in by the “gods” usually with an ancient Greek or Egyptian ratio flavour!)  You would not allow a computer to diagnose the state of your mental or physical health in that manner and require a human physician, but you allow blindly a machine to do the same in diagnosing alone the state of  markets (global psychological expressions and temperature gauges of mass  greed/fear) health and direction!  You believe this needs to be done with as little human input as possible, in the name of human psychological discipline and  of “sticking” to the trading signals received!  

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks If this has not yet happened to you, I know that you know many individuals to whom similar events have and are happening. What is at play here? Can anyone ever make money in a sustained way in these markets. With leverage close to 80-90 % as in some futures or derivative markets/spread-betting etc., the potential for gains and commensurate losses should be enormous.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks Futures and spread-betting is a zero-sum game. No money is really created. Money is only redistributed, transferred, among participants. For each individual happily holding a winning contract there is an distraught individual holding the same contract and losing the same amount. Stocks, by contrast can monetize a whole economy, on paper alone.  No need to print paper money and risk inflation. We all become “stock-paper” wealthy.-alike real-estate wealthy.  What a productive and wonderful way to balance government and corporate deficits, or to create artificial heaven and risk then experiencing thereafter real hell here on the earth plane, as the cycle of life goes into the reverse balancing mode!

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks After all, if one were to flip a coin and make Futures trading/spread-betting decisions based on it, he/she would have a 50% chance of being right. And if he/she increases his/her odds by using sophisticated technical analysis, his/her higher odds should propel him/her in a stratosphere of gains. If 50% of all contracts lose at any time and 50% gain, the leverage factor causes, at one point or another, a great amount of fear to each trader. Fear feeds on past fears. People tend to be more conditioned by past memories of fearful events than by past memories of positive ones. Hence, most traders eventually become financial casualties of their anxieties/fears, and subsequently there is the need to bring in new pools of fresh trusting participants who have not yet known market fear and are willing to interject new money in. This is well known to the in-between entities, brokers, lawyers, regulators, managers, analysts who live and feed on this ever changing pool of money and receive their intermediaries fees,  no matter what the markets do.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks What we are trying to convey is as follows. It is not that fear of losses causes one to choose losing trades, but that akin to quantum physics, the mechanics of fear-consciousness cause trades to become losing trades no matter what methodology, timing of trade, etc…, is used. Emotions literally impact upon life-realities and change them. Futures and stocks trading are but a grandstand proof of it because of the intensity of the emotions experienced and their immediate situational feedback (impact).

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks Are we saying that the interaction of one’s consciousness (thoughts and emotions) with a particular market causes the reality of that market to crystallize in a certain direction as he/she witnesses it? Yes, to a large extent, we do. Otherwise how could thought be so creative. One impacts greatly upon one’s own Universe (individual projection of reality) : Each man/woman upon his/her own private universe. Nevertheless, all the Universes intersect and restrict each other in a very original way which is explained in our courses.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing: Trading futures and stocks The implications are stupendous, and only few will ever ponder and/or understand them. We are by far more powerful and creative in creating realities than most of us would ever dare to believe. Mastering such an understanding makes a profound impact upon the total gestalt of an individual. We will, at some point, in the future in very advanced courses, expand even more upon this explanation of the ultimate illusion called Life.

(to be continued…..)

Foresee your probable future and powerfully influence your destiny, using the ultimate mind frontier: deep mind levels Theta and Delta:


The only products I link to on my blog here are ones which I am highly recommending; have bought myself and am currently using. Gauge my progress as time goes on to see how I progress. Perhaps then, you’ll believe….  😉

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