All About This Site

I’ve found ways to be un-chained from one place for my Income:

Escaped from the Grey UK

Escaped from the Grey UK

  • I now live in Portugal. Are you thinking of #leavingthecountry ?
  • Financial Trading:  Forex; Indices, Metals etc.
  • Investing: SIPP’s, forex managed funds, plus more
  • Genuine Online Income business(es) – No mlm or hyip’s here!
  • Health including becoming more ‘Raw’ so that you’re eating ‘Live’ food instead of ‘dead’.
  • Spiritual Practice: meditation, mindfullness, mind power, hypnosis, remaining conscious whilst in ‘Delta’ and ‘Theta’ brainwaves (which will help you connect with your higher self, God, consciousness, Akashic Records etc. etc.

Welcome to my new site where you’ll find details about all of my 14 plus years of searching for genuine online income and becoming a better and more successful person through meditation and other methods.

Yes, I’ve seen many of the scams with HYIP programs (Yuck!); been burnt in the early days but not any more. Now I know ‘what’ to do and ‘how’ and ‘when’.

Additionally, I am a financial Trader; I trade Forex, as well as Gold, Oil and several of the Indices (FTSE. DOW. S&P etc.). I don’t trade short-term timeframes though, but instead trade almost as an investor; long-term timescales certainly several weeks if not months or years. Dependent upon what I am trading of course.. Investing in my SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension), or trading the EURUSD on the minimum of Daily timeframes. I have both self-taught as well as following a couple of great mentors that you can learn from too, if you’re interested.

I also strongly believe in ‘multiple streams of income‘ – so important in these days of uncertainty.  You’ll therefore find information here about well thought out and researched opportunities for you to make inroads towards multiple streams of income.

Of course, much of this will not consistently work out for any of us without the right kind of mind-set and understanding with implementation of the spiritual ways of the universe. It’s really so much more than ‘The Secret’.  😉

Aside from these items, I’d be pleased to hear from you (below) if you have suggestions of your own but remember, no HYIP’s; MLM’s and the like, thanks!

The only products I link to on my blog here are ones which I am highly recommending; have bought myself and am currently using. Gauge my progress as time goes on to see how I progress. Perhaps then, you’ll believe….

Believe Dragon

My best intentions

…. Always,

Lesley  🙂

PS:  If you are reading this from your email client, please scroll right to the bottom and click on the final link there, to view the whole post.  Alternatively, scroll to the very top and click on the main blue heading title..


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