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#SpiritualTrading GBPUSD Sell Trade – *Update* from Friday 25Oct2013

Hi Guys, Today, Wednesday 30th October, I have now amended this post to include the conclusion of this GBPUSD trade. Todays’ video is next, with the original ‘Entry’ video below that. Nice trade! +127 Pips 🙂 This picture shows my entry and exit: Here’s the original trade, as a reminder: These LT Pulse Indicators are […]

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Nice Trades on Gold and EURUSD Using These Indicators

Good day! Trust you’re having a good one.. Although we’ve had some rain today and the skies are more white and grey than blue, it’s still warm and T-shirt weather here in Monchique, Portugal. Here a short video on my trades today: I spoke about Alessio in the video and here’s his earlier short video […]

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#leavingthecountry ! Are You Thinking About It? I Did!

Anyone that knows me….. Would not be surprised at all that I left my ‘home land’ of the UK back in May 2013 because they also know that I have this insatiable desire to travel and experience other places. For instance, I’ve lived all over the UK over the years: Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, Leeds, Halifax, […]

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A Good End to a Long Weekend Working.. Plus! PokerByProxy Results (20/Oct/13)

Well, after a long weekend my new Blog is set up!  This video below is just a short 4 minute one showing details of my YouTube account, my (this) new Blog and as well as today’s Poker By Proxy result (Sunday, 20th October 2013). It’s been another long day, so keeping this short for now.. […]

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13 Years Raw! Can It be Done and Why Should it be?

You can eat a 100% raw diet with the proper education and experience. You can stay 100% stable, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Have an abundance of energy; look good and stay 100% raw. Dan McDonald (Liferegenerator) tell it how it is: Please do watch the video all the way through. Dan gives so much […]

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Trading: Knowing When the Markets are Volatile

Whilst trading, I use various indicators in combination which help me see my way through the markets.  One of my main mentors is Alessio Rastani who told me about this way of knowing when the markets are volatile and thus, knowing which set of indicators to use at any one time. http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui Please Subscribe to […]

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Latest Income Strategy: (different!) – PokerByProxy – First Withdrawal Videos

This company opened its’ doors to members just back at the beginning of September 2013 and I joined it back on the 28th September.  So, now about three weeks in and I’m making my first withdrawal to see how smooth the process is: 24hours later and now the second part: Pretty good so far.. Here’s […]

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Welcome to My New Site!

Here At Last! It has taken long enough. The personal timing just needed to be right but we’re here now. I’ll be making mostly Vlog posts instead of simply writing blog posts as I think many people prefer to watch video these days, rather than reading… ….. And, what will those vlogs contain, you ask […]

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